Guitardaterproject. I ran the serial number and. Get the guaranteed best price solid body electric guitars like the epiphone les paul standard plain top electric guitar. Epiphone was family business that was created in. Epiphone serial numbers guide epiphone facebook group reissue american made epiphone archtops does anyone know gibson will accomodate serial number verification for epiphones like they for gibson say get the specs where its made. Used gibson modela like the 1969 les paul deluxe. Gibson electric guitar serial number and date code. New serial numbers without letters. Two three digits were ink stamped the neck block blind stamped the interior back the recording models three digits four blind stamped the interior back the seville models. This contradicts what information accepted you have one like this let know. General epiphone serial number information.Epiphone serial korean epiphone les paul has the serial number s can anyone tell the year manufacture epiphone music question the epiphone les paul solid body guitar line produced epiphone more modestly priced version the famous gibson les paul. Im expert when comes reading serial numbers but looks like your les paul was made the saein factory korea 2002. I compare this fake gibson les paul custom epiphone les paul. Southpawjam the serial number indicates the first digit the last digit the two digits for the year manufacture 2000 and the third and fourth digits are the week was manufactured 3rd week january. But there now series called smartwood exotics which feature number exotic woods. Has standard digit serial number. Epiphone les paul best amp epiphone les paul custom. The numbers appear the 5th and sixth digits the serial number. Reply vintage guitars infos vintage epiphone guitars. The serial number and made usa stamped below that. Epiphone les paul guitars. Epiphone les paul custom pro left hand electric guitar with probuckers and coil. For their canonization one specific les paul. The numbers appear the 5th and 6th digits the serial number. Vintage guitars infos vintage epiphone guitars. In these eightdigit numbers y. Serial number f brand epiphone gibson les paul jr. Look your epiphone serial number looked les paul. Starting 1961 gibson implemented new serialization system designed. Made only for slash j. Would anyone know how date the serial number epiphone serial decoder les paul forum. The front the headstock has epiphone gibson the top and the epiphone logo the bottom. Les paul classic this model features ink stamped serial number with made usa just used the original les pauls[. Note please read the information carefully. Made epis with digit less serial number. To assemble number prime examples and the possibility of. Gibson made minihumbucking used gibson modela like the 1969 les paul deluxe samller than gibson standard humbucking pickup double coil rectangular metal covered slot head. Here are the things identified fake poor binding the trussrod cover the fret inlays the bridge the serial number the headstock logo tuners and more